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NO!... We do NOT send any spam!

However, we know that spammers have been using (forged) e-mail addresses on our domain to send out spam.

Known Events

Unfortunately, legislation in a lot of countries is not prohibiting sending of unsollicited e-mail; spam.
Spam is the cancer on the Internet, stealing resources from ISP's and e-mail recipients.

We urge all gouvernements to issue tough legislation forbidding sending of unsollicited e-mail (spam, UCE),
but then in that same law, also to put very high fines to even imprisonment on breaking this law.
It has taken many years, but finally we do see some action taken.

We do sometimes use autoresponders on our domains, so, if you do get one,
your e-mail address has probably been used by spammers to send out mail.
Unfortunately this is out of our control.

If the spam is from a Dutch origin, you can post a complaint at the OPTA site (Dutch).

If the spam is of United States origin, have a look at the DOJ site or the FTC site.

If you would like to know more about spam, have a look at the Spamhaus website.

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